Logistics, Storage and Re-build

We appreciate the significant investment that clients make
when they commit to the design and build of a bespoke exhibition stand, budgets are often tight and as a result of
this customer’s may wish to consider a stand that can be
re-used at future events.

Stands can be designed with reuse in mind with flexible elements, so that either a small stand is produced where elements are taken away or a larger stand created with additional features.

Safe and Secure Storage

In between events we can store your exhibition stand for
you, in a safe and secure dedicated warehouse or
alternatively we can transport the stand and all ancillary equipment to your own storage facility.

Stands that are stored by Nutcracker are kept safe within
a dedicated exhibition warehouse and are always carefully checked before they are shipped out for reuse.

Your stand can be shipped anywhere in the world with you
safe in the knowledge that all the required equipment is securely packed, accounted and delivered in first class condition.

Find out more about our logistics, storage and rebuild services. Call 01384 455 141 or enquire online.

Logistics and Storage - Nutcracker Exhibitions